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Swarovski crystals

Swarovski crystals  are the basis of many jewelry projects, which is considered extremely refined. For example if you make earings, simply put a crystal on a special earing base designed for your choice of crystals. We do it very gently and clamping the earwire in the final stage with the help of jewelry pliers is done by soft material, so as not to scratch the hooks. We also can create shiny bracelets and necklaces from elements of Swarovski crystals. Often, they are threaded on jewelry wires in any number and configuration. These jewellery accessories are often adorned with precious fabrics. We can also sew or fasten them to brooches or rings. Swarovski crystals without holes, for example the Swarovski rvoli type, are often used in a technique called beading to decorate them with small toho beads. An interesting fact about these crystals is, that this name does not change by accident. Swarovski products are the quintessence of taste, classics and style as well as the richness of colors and shapes. Swarovski stones are available in many colors, sizes and cuts. The most popular are pendants. They are used to make popular Swarovski earrings, clips and simple necklaces.
Our award-winning Swarovski crystals range includes all the bicone beads, pendants and pearls you will ever need to make professional jewellery designs and embellishments. We are an authorised Swarovski elements retailer and you can download our certificate here.