Shrinkles Black Shrink Plastic 262x202mm PK6 |

Shrinkles Black Shrink Plastic 262x202mm PK6

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Colour Black
Size 262mm, 202mm

Use metallic pens on this Shrinkles black shrink plastic to give your design a really fab effect. You can use the shrink plastic for making a variety of crafts and accessories, such as key fobs and badges, as well as jewellery items such as rings and necklace pendants. When your design is ready simply bake the shrink plastic in the oven and then your piece will shrink to approx. 7 times smaller but be 7 times thicker.

  • Each sheet measures approx. 262x202mm.
  • Each pack contains 6 blank sheets.
  • We advise adult supervision when children are using this product.