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Semi-Precious stones

Semi-Precious stones formed from minerals and rocks are organic. Jewellery stones give the creators of handmade jewellery a huge field to show off, especially when it comes to their use in bracelets, necklaces or earrings. You can use them in any technique of jewellery making. Semi-Precious stones are great, among others for soutache embroidery, bead embroidery and for traditional jewellery. Due to the large number of colours and shapes to choose from, you can create designs that match every outfit and occasion. The stones for bracelets are most often placed on a jewellery elastic with various beads, e.g. pendants or spacers. Jewellery gemsones in the shape of rounds are also ideal for bracelets on memory wire. The stones blend in perfectly with metal elements, beads or other types of stones, creating interesting and unique jewellery compositions. Jewellery stones braided with soutache cords are used to create beautiful necklaces or earrings. Stones wrapped with jewellery wire can be transformed into fancy jewellery elements. In fashion jewellery, adding metal spacers to stones, even with the simplest of semi-precious stones can be changed into beautiful earrings or necklaces. The most popular jewellery stones for bracelets are definitely jade, agates and hematites, but in our range you will find dozens of different stones that will help you to create the most sophisticated designs. We know that there is nothing worse than crazy handicraft ideas suppressed by the lack of appropriate materials, which is why we have a variety of different stones available, for you to make the most of their unique features. These features both visual - with a range of colours, patterns, sizes and shapes but also those affecting their functionality, such as weight. This is important because the stones for bracelets are usually a bit heavier than those used for earrings. Interestingly, many crafts people believe that jewellery stones have their own unique healing and protective properties, and often these are the decisive factors in which stone they decide. These stones are man-made, thanks to which, although still beautiful and high quality, it is a bit cheaper than semi-precious stones and most importantly, directly adored by beaders!