Size 11 Seed Beads | Size 11 Rocailles for Jewellery Making | Beads Direct

Size 11 (2.2mm)

Size 11 seed beads from Toho are ideal for a vast array of stitched beadwork and jewellery making projects. We have a variety of different coloured Rocailles (seed beads) in size 11(2.2mm). These size 11 seed beads are great for lots of different seed bead projects and can be used to create some lovely jewellery pieces. Japanese Toho seed beads are excellent quality and are known for their consistency in size and colour, making them ideal for working with patterns or a consistent, uniform stitch. You can also use these seed beads for other crafts such as card making, knitting or fabric crafts. Our size 11 seed beads come in 10g bags. To work out how many you're getting, there are approx. 120 size 11 seed beads per gram. Colours include various shades of reds, pink, blues, purples, greens, silvers, golds and much more.

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