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Par Puca Beads

There are three different types of beads that form the Par Puca rangeKheops, Arcos and Minos. These beads are made from glass and made in the Czech Republic, each shape has a different number of threading holes and they slot together nicely. The differently shaped beads have been created by a French designer called Puca as she could not find the specific beads she wanted for her creations - thus creating the beads herself. The first to be created was the two hole Kheops, these have more recently been followed by the three holed Arcos and the one holed Minos. The different number of threading holes makes for a wide range of design possibilities. The Par Puca’s can also be combined with other types of beads, especially twin hole seed beads and round seed beads. Don’t forget to stock up on your needles and beading thread, nymo and KO thread both work great.

Kheops Par Puca – These are triangle shaped and have two threading holes. The threading hole’s run parrallel to each other. This was the original shape in the Par Puca range before recently being joined by the Minos and Arcos. This shape has a very Parisian ‘Eiffel Tower’ feel to it.

Arcos Par Puca – These are semi cylindrical arcs and have three threading holes. You can use two of these beads to surround a Minos Par Puca bead, creating a circle shape. Or you can use a single Arcos around a Minos to create new concepts, such as flower petals.

Minos Par Puca - These are a cylindrical shape and have a single threading hole. They can form the centre point of two Arcos Par Puca Beads or be used alone and mixed with other Czech beads such as fire polish.

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