Woven Wood Collar p.8

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Designed by: Joanne Lockwood

Difficulty: Intermediate


Although we no longer stock the Wooden Beads used in this design you can still try using the same technique but with other Round Beads.

Step 1

 Attach a split ring to an s- clasp. Attach around 50cm of wire to the split ring using a crimp bead. Now thread on 3 small wooden beads, 45 large wooden beads and 3 more small wooden beads. Attach to a split ring at the other side using a crimp bead. You have now created your base row.

Step 2

Cut another 75cm of wire and attach to one of the split rings. Thread through the 3 small beads and 3 of the larger beads on your base row. Add 5 more large beads, miss 4 beads on the base row then thread through the next bead on the base row, creating a loop. Repeat this pattern all the way around the necklace and secure with a crimp at the end. This creates your second row.

Step 3

Cut another 75cm of wire and attach at one end as before. Thread through the 3 small beads and 8 large beads. Now thread down through 3 beads on the second row, add 2 large wooden beads, a mystic agate bead and 2 more large wooden beads. Thread back through the third bead on the next set of 5 on the second row. Repeat 4 times then thread up through the last two beads on this set of 5 until you reach the base row. Thread up the base row to the end and crimp to secure. Cut off any excess wire.