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Woven Paisley Duo Bracelet

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Woven Paisley Duo Bracelet

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5328 Swarovski Crystal Bicones Xillion 4mm Crystal Dorado (Full Coating) Pk24
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Steel Blue Metalust Paisley beads 5x8mm 10g
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Woven Paisley Duo Bracelet

Designed by: Kara-May

Difficulty: Intermediate


This bracelet is a mixture of classic elegance combined with a contemporary twist - Made from Paisley Duos, seed beads and Swarovski Bicones. 

Step 1

Cut two arms length of thread and needle up, once that is done pick up a stopper bead and add one paisley duo bead, threading through the large side making sure you leave around 20 cm tail thread. Pick up four seed beads and go through the unused hole in the same paisley duo bead. Add a Swarovski bicone and another paisley duo bead ensuring you go through the thinner part. 

Step 2

Pick up four more seed beads and go through the unused hole in the same paisley duo. Now pick up another paisley duo bead through the larger part. Thread two seed beads and go back into first paisley duo previous, then the Swarovski bicone, through the seed bead thread and back through the two paisley duo beads. Add four more seed beads to the top and come through the paisley duo adding another Swarovski bicone and another paisley duo bead. Repeat this process until you have enough beaded chain to fit your wrist. 

Step 3

Now its time to add the clasp, firstly make sure you have surrounded the end of the paisley duos beads in seed beads, making small knots as you add the beads. Then add three seed beads at the top, add the clasp and loop back through those three seed beads knotting at the end again and cut your thread. Now go to the other end of the bracelet attach a needle and repeat the seed bead surround around the paisley duo's and add your three seed beads and a jump ring this time, looping back through the seed beads and make a few small knots to secure. Cut your thread and you are done.