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Woodland Druzy Necklace

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Woodland Druzy Necklace

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Dark Blue Coloured Copper Craft Wire 0.315mm 70metre Reel
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Supa Green Coloured Copper Craft Wire 0.315mm 70metre Reel
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TOHO™ / Round / 11/0 / Transparent / Green Emerald / 10g / ~ 1100pcs
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TOHO™ / Treasure 11/0 / Opaque / Jet / 5g
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TOHO™ / Round 8/0 / Inside-colour / Crystal / Emerald Lined / 10g / ~ 300 pcs
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TOHO™ / Round 11/0 / Opaque-Frosted / Jet / 10g / ~ 1100pcs
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Titanium quartz / irregular pendant / 27x39x13mm / white / 1 piece
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Titanium quartz / irregular pendant / 35x15x10mm / silver / 1pcs
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Titanium quartz / irregular pendant / 59x19x15mm / grey / 1pcs
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Information about project:

Woodland Druzy Necklace

Difficulty: Intermediate


Learn how to make this Woodland Druzy Necklace.

Knowledge of basic skills will be needed, such as wrapped loops, spiral making, making fish hook clasps, and able to use a coiling gizmo.

Step 1

  • Tools required: 
  • Round nose pliers
  • Flat nose pliers 
  • Chain nose pliers 
  • Nylon pliers or masking tape 
  • Flush wire cutters 
  • Bail making pliers
  • Mandrel, or dowel (for fish hook clasp)  
  • Wire coiling gizmo 
  • Steel block 
  • Whammer or chasing hammer 

Step 2


  • Work from the spool of wire as much as possible to avoid waste and kinks in the wire. 
  • When hammering the spiral links gently stroke the wire and work away from the beads, also avoid hammering where any wire crosses over as this may cause the wire to break. 
  • Be careful when twisting branches using the finer wire as this will snap if you twist too much. 
  • Beware that coloured copper coated wire can mark and chip so to prevent this use either nylon pliers or wrap pliers with masking tape.

Step 3

Making the branches for between the druzy agate slab beads:Branch 1- Using approx 10cm of 0.9mm black wire, make loop in the end using round nose pliers and create a small coil, then bring wire to bottom of coil and use pliers to make a pointed leaf shape and bend end of wire around coil and upwards. Make a bend to prevent beads from slipping down onto coil. Use size 8 grass green seed beads to decorate branch and finish with a wrapped loop.

Step 4

Branch 2- Using approx 30cm of 0.315mm black wire, thread on a jet black size 11 seed bead into the middle of the wire. Cross wires and loop one end back through the bead so that it is secure in the middle of the wire. Bring both wires together and then add more jet seed beads to make the branch. Make sure both wires go through each hole. At the end of the branch secure the top bead by feeding one of the wires back through a second time and then twist wires together.  Repeat above using size 11 metallic june bug seed beads, then twist all four wires together. Use round nose pliers to make a wrapped loop and wire cutters to trim excess wire, tuck ends in with chain nose pliers.

Step 5

 Using approx 30 to 50cm of 0.315mm black wire (depending on how long you want your branches), secure a size 11 metallic seed bead in centre of the wire as before. Twist both wires together for approx 1cm.  Part wires and add another bead on one of the wires and position bead at the end of the next small branch, loop wire back through to secure and twist wire back on that small branch towards main branch trunk. Make a few twists with both wires and then continue making small branches and alternating sides.  When you have reached your desired branch length (check against length of druzy beads) twist both wires together, make a wrapped loop, cut excess wire and tuck in ends. Repeat above using 0.315mm green wire and size 8 silver lined grass green seed beads. 6 sets of branches need to be made to sit in between and on the outside of the druzy beads.

Step 6

To create the coiled wire spacer for the wire choker a coiling gizmo has been used, although you could use a long thin dowel with approx 3mm diameter. Working from the spool of 0.9mm black wire create two spacers 14mm in length. Use wire cutters to neatly cut ends.

Step 7

For the base of the choker cut approx. 50cm of 0.9mm black wire. Using round nose pliers make a small loop, then using either large bail making pliers or a dowel make a fish hook clasp. Strengthen the hook by gently hammering on a steel block. Use gentle stroke so that you do not chip the wire coating.

Step 8

Layout the necklace design so that you can see how it will look when threaded onto the base choker wire. The first bead to add is a green crystal bead; this also works well as a stopper bead against the clasp. Then add one of the spacer coiled springs followed by a green crystal bead. Next add the first set of branches followed by a crystal then a druzy agate bead and another crystal. Continue this pattern until you have added all your components and the second coiled spacer and final crystal bead.  Check the pattern before completing necklace in case any changes are needed.

Step 9

To make a large wrapped loop that forms the other part of the clasp use bail making pliers or a dowel. Trim excess wire and tuck ends or finish with a small swirl as decoration for the clasp.

Step 10

Adjust the branches by gently bending to give depth and form.