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Wooden Abacus Necklace - Jewellery Making Tutorial

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Wooden Abacus Necklace - Jewellery Making Tutorial

Designed by: Joanne

Difficulty: Beginner


Sometimes beading can be complicated but it really doesn't have to be!  This quick and easy necklace will bring a splash of colour to any shirt. There is almost enough product to make five necklaces too, making it a great option if you are making to sell - Just add more cord (x4) and end caps (x2) to your basket.

You can, of course make it for yourself and perhaps change the colours to match your own wardrobe. You could use more, less or even different beads. Why not try knotting the cord between each bead or adding spacers? However you choose to make it, we hope you have fun and enjoy wearing your finished piece with pride. Ready? Let's Get Creative! ♥

You can add all the items you need to your basket by clicking the box in the 'Products used' section above, or you can let your imagination run wild and choose your own materials from the links below. Please note that the colours for the products illustrated in the image above may not match the 'Products List'. 

Remember - our tutorials are for inspiration and learning purposes. They include links to the relevant categories for you to choose your own colour combinations and we positively encourage you to experiment with different shapes, sizes, finishes, composition and texture. Why not choose your own beads and colours to achieve something in your own style? Let your imagination run wild and make your dream jewellery.

Designed by Joanne - July 2022

Step 1

To help you thread the beads onto the cord, cut your cord into a point and add a dab of glue. Roll the tip in the glue, being careful not to stick your fingers together. This will stiffen the cord so that it can be used like a needle.

Step 1

Step 2

Once the glue is dry enough to work with, thread the beads in your chosen order.

I added: 5 x Blue 8mm, 3 x Green 10mm, 1 x Cream 12mm, 1 x Blue 12mm, 1 x Green 12mm, 1 x Blue 12mm, 1 x Cream 12mm, 3 x Green 10mm and 5 x Blue 8mm.

Working in odd numbers gives a more satisfying visual effect, much the same as when planting flowers BUT you can use your creative imagination and add beads in any order you wish.

Step 1

Step 3

Ensure you can fit the cord ends into the bead cap. If the cords are too soft, repeat step 1. Glue one side of the cord into an End Cap. Decide on the length you want your finished necklace to be (I made mine 60cm long) and trim the cord. Repeat step one and glue into a second End Cap.

Allow glue to dry completely before you continue.

Step 1

Step 4

Add a lobster Clasp to one of the End Caps using a Jumpring.

Add a jump ring to the other End Cap and your necklace is ready to enjoy ♥

New beaders can find an excellent video tutorial on how to use jump rings HERE.

Step 1

Step 5

We would love to see your finished necklace. Why now join our group Beads Direct & Friends and show us? It's a great place to relax and unwind with a tray of beads, a cup of tea and a group of like minded people! Our Facebook Page is the ideal place to go to share with the bead and craft  community. Whether you want to chat, exchange ideas or show us your works of art....  All are welcome to join ♥

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