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Winter Sky Bracelet

Step 1

Take your sterling silver round connector setting and glue in your two Swarovski crystal flat backs. 
Take your sterling silver butterfly charm and add a drop of glue. Place your Swarovski butterfly crystal into the setting to dry. 
Repeat this for the heart charm.

Step 2

Cut a length of elastic twice the length of your wrist measurement. This should be enough cord to work with. 
Thread approx 26 pearl beads onto your elastic.

Step 3

To one end of your elastic, attach one side of your sterling silver heart connector charm using a double knot. Secure this knot with a drop of glue. Before securing the other end of your elastic with a knot, wrap the bracelet around your wrist to see whether you have enough pearls to go around your wrist.
Alter the amount of pearls and thread the other end of the elastic through the other loop on the connector charm. Secure with a knot and a drop of glue. Trim the loose ends of cord. 

Step 4

Repeat this for a second bracelet using the sterling silver crystal connector charm. 
Cut a length of ribbon measuring approx 10".
Secure the two bracelets together by tying a bow using the ribbon.
Take a large jumpring and thread it into the ribbon knot. (See main image) This is where you can attach your butterfly crystal charm.
You could choose to attach this to the bracelet instead.
Cut the ends of the ribbon to neat points.