Winter Orchard Bracelet

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Difficulty: Beginner


Learn how to make this stunning Winter Orchard Bracelet using Freshwater Pearls

Step 1

Cut around 80cm for each section depending on how much you want to continue wrapping around each other.  Start by wrapping end of wire 3-4 times around bangle frame, making sure end of wire is neatly pushed down by pliers so there aren’t any sharp edges.  Thread on beads then wrap on opposite side and repeat.

Step 2

Repeat on opposite sides.

Step 3

Continue wrapping including around wires previously created.

Step 4

Add a sparkly bead randomly

Step 5

Once all beads have been threaded and attached wind wire 3-4 times on frame to finish remembering to neaten edge with pliers.
Using pliers put a ‘kink’ into wire that isn’t covered by the beads to create a nice effect.