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Whimsically Whirled Pendant

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Whimsically Whirled Pendant

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Dark Purple Coloured Copper Craft Wire 0.315mm 70metre Reel
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X Antique Silver Steel Mesh/Net 3mm Chain 1metre
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Whimsically Whirled Pendant

Difficulty: Expert


Sue Mason-Burns, of Wonderfully Wired by Sue Mason- Burns, shows us how to make a pretty topper for top drilled pendants. Sometimes it can be difficult to know what to do with a top drilled pendant, if you want something just a little more special than a simple bail. Sue has used some beautiful glossy purple wire to weave an embellishment to finish your pendant, with a handy bail to thread your chain through.  
You will find more of Sue’s work at www.wonderfullywired.co.uk or you can catch up with her on facebook, just search for Wonderfully Wired by Sue Mason-Burns. Sue is also on Twitter @wonderfulwire

When following this tutorial remembr that the thicker wires are your frame wires and the thinner wires are weaving wires.

Step 1

Cut three 25cm lengths of 0.9mm wire and two 1m lengths of 0.315mm wire.  Lay the three frames wires parallel and begin a weave at the centre of the wire, with one of the 0.315mm lengths.  Leave a 15cm tail and weave as follows:  Coil three times around the lower two wires together, pass the wire around the centre wire and coil three times around the upper two wires.  Pass the wire behind all three frame wires.  Continue this weave for approximately 1.5cm.  Repeat with the other 0.315mm wire to the opposite end of your frame wires.

Step 2

Thread the two tails of weaving wire at the centre of the frame through the hole in the pendant and bend the two woven sides up to form a semi-circle.  Continue the circle with the two lower frame wires and use one of the tails of weaving wire to coil these two wires, binding them together.

Step 3

Bring the next two frame wires together and use chain nose pliers to form a bend in each wire where they meet so that they will sit parallel.  You can either leave a small gap, as is the case here, which will be filled with a decoration in the next step, or bring the wires together directly above the bound wires from Step 2.

Step 4

 Cut a 15cm length of 0.9mm wire and use round nose pliers to form a closed, decorative spiral to one end.  The size of this spiral will depend on the gap you left at Step 3 as the spiral fills the gap.  If you did not leave a gap, then make your spiral minimal, just enough to cover the bound wires from Step 2.  Lay this wire between the two parallel wires from Step 3.

Step 5

Cut a 1m length of 0.315mm wire and begin a weave, to the three frame wires which will form the bail, as follows:  coil once around wire 1, once around wire 2 and once around wire 3.  Coming back down the frame, coil once around wire 2, then around wire 1 to form the first coil of your weaving pattern.  Continue this weave for 5cm.

Step 6

Use the larger jaw of professional wrapping/bending pliers to form the bail.  Bend the woven section from Step 5 from front to back until the three frame wires lie flat along the rear of the pendant.  Trim the weaving wire.  Use a tail wire from Step 1 to continue the weave to the three frame wires.  Trim the frame wires and form small loops flat against the rear of the pendant.

Step 7

Thread the two tails of 0.9mm wire which originally formed the central wires of the woven section from Step 1 through the hole in the pendant, from back to front.  It is easiest to achieve this by threading one wire at a time.  Pull the wires through so that they hold the tip of the pendant in place in the centre of the wire decoration. 

Step 8

Trim the two remaining 0.9mm tail wires and form them into decorative closed spirals, facing away from each other.  These spirals will sit below the bail, just above the woven section you made at Step 1.  Use round nose pliers to gently bend the wire into place and then manipulate into their final place with your fingers. 

Step 9

Use your round nose pliers to form decorative open spirals to the two wires you threaded through the hole of the pendant at Step 7.  Form these spirals in opposite directions, away from each other and make them roughly symmetrical.  When they are both formed, manipulate them into position, slightly behind the weave from Step 1. 

Step 10

Cut your length of chain to the desired length for the wearer of the necklace.  Apply a dab of glue to each of the cord ends and fold over each end of the chain.  Hold in place with your flat nose pliers to allow the glue time to set.