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Waterfall Wrap Bracelet

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Waterfall Wrap Bracelet

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Grey Round Leather 2mm Cord 5metre Reel
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S-Lon Bead Cord 77yrds (70m) Cream
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X- Essential Crystal Faceted 8mm Rondelle Turquoise AB 72pack
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Waterfall Wrap Bracelet


You will need:
1x 8mm Crystal Rondelle AB [BG1433]
1x 8mm Crystal Rondelle Blue [BG1443]
1x Silver Flower Button [BU8]
1x White Dyed Quartz Green/Blue [EX3065]
1x S-Lon Beading Cord [TC370]
1x Grey Genuine Round 2mm Leather [TC518]
1x Clear Drying Glue

Step 1. Decide how many times you would like your bracelet to wrap around your wrist. Wrap the leather cord around your wrist and once you are happy with the length-double it.

Step 2. Fold the cord in half and tie a knot where the fold is to create a loop. This loop will need to be big enough to fit the button through it. [BU8]

Step 3. Pin your loop to a bead mat to make it easier to work with. You will now need to cut a piece of S-lon cord measuring slightly longer than the total length of leather cord used.Fold the S-lon cord and tie it to the top of your leather.

You should have a total of 4 cords that you will now be working with. They should be positoned like this;

1 leather cord, 1 s-lon cord, 1 s-lon cord, 1 leather cord.

Separate the strands. The very right and the very left strand needs to go a) over the leather b) through a bead (in opposite directions) c) back under the leather cord d) back over the cord and back through the bead.

You can add the beads in any order you wish. 

Step 4. Contine adding your beads to your bracelet until you reach the end of the leather. Tie off the S-lon cord the the leather.

Thread the leather through the button and tie in a double knot. For extra security add a dab of glue. If you want to hide this knot you could wrap some of your spare leather around it and secure with glue.

Step 5. Wrap it around your wrist and thread the button through the loop you made earlier.

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