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Violet Wave Bracelet

Information about project:

Violet Wave Bracelet

Designed by: Holly Eve

Difficulty: Intermediate


Learn how to make a cute pearl bracelet in matching purple and grey tones. This design is easy to personalise and can be changed to suit your style by altering the colours of the pearls or magatama beads, to give it a completely different look!

Step 1

Cut a 1 metre length of thread and add a stopper bead approx 20cm from one end. 
Add a needle to the longer end of the thread. 

Step 2

Take 6 x 8mm pearls and 5 x 12mm pearls. Pick up 1 x 8mm pearl, 3 x size 11 seed beads, 1 x 12mm pearl, 3 x size 11 seed beads and continue to repeat this until you have used all 11 pearls. You will end on an 8mm pearl. 

Step 3

Pick up 7 x size 11 seed beads and thread back down through the first seed bead added here to create a loop. Pull the thread so that the loop is close to the pearl. 

Step 4

In the next steps, make sure you are picking up your magatama beads in the same way each time. They have two sides. It doesn't matter which way you choose, as long as you stick to your choice for each bead. Check after each wave you create before continuing so you can easily undo your last step if you go wrong. 

Size 11 seed bead = sb
Magatama bead = mb

Exiting from your seed bead, pick up 1 x sb, 1 x mb, 1 x sb, 1 x mb, 1 x sb, 1 x mb, 1 x sb.
(Around your 8mm pearls, you will always add these 7 beads)

Step 5

Thread through the middle bead of the 3 seed beads between the 8mm pearl and the 12mm pearl. 

Step 6

Now create the next wave around the 12mm pearl. Pick up 1 x sb, 1 x mb, 1 x sb, 1 x mb, 1 x sb, 1 x mb, 1 x sb, 1 x mb, 1 x sb.
(Around your 12mm pearls, you will always add these 9 beads)

Thread through the middle bead inbetween this pearl and the next 8mm pearl. 
Continue this wave pattern around your pearl beads until you reach the other end. Make sure to keep your thread tight so that the beads stay in their wave shapes.

Step 7

On your final wave, take the stopped bead off the end of your thread and knot this tail thread to your working thread. 
Pick up 3 x seed beads, your lobster clasp and 2 more seed beads.
Thread through the first seed bead again to make a loop here. 

Step 8

The pattern of your bracelet is now finished, all that is left to do is strengthen the waves so that they stay in place around the pearls. They will flip over and sit on different sides when they are not being worn as a tight bracelet against your wrist. However, if you strengthen your design, they will be less likely to move. Use the rest of your thread and pass back down through the waves, pulling firmly to stop gaps in the thread. Make sure not to pull too tightly to snap your thread. Create knots along the way and hide these inbetween some beads to strengthen it further. 
Continue to re-thread until you are happy with the design. Weave in your tail thread too, and trim off any excess.

Step 9

Finally, attach a jumpring to the other loop on the end of your bracelet. Attach a few more to make an extension chain so that it fits your wrist.