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Violet Cuff Bangle

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Designed by: Leah Connolly


What you will need:

1x Semi Precious Amethyst [EX2824]
1x Semi Precious Black Agate [EX3362]
1x Bangle Base [CH521]
1x Silver Plated Wire [W38] 
Step 1. Wrap your wire around your bangle (try and tuck the end of the wire you have just wrapped).If you are worried about sharp edges you could use a wire rounder.
Step 2. Add your Semi Precious beads in any order you wish. Position them so they sit nicely next to each other.
Step 3. Continue to wrap around your bracelet base.
Step 4. Finish of your wrapping and use a wire rounder if necessary. If you’ve used as many beads as us you will find that the bangle is quite heavy. We suggest that you use some ribbon to tie around the bangle so that it won’t fall of your wrist whilst wearing it.