Vintage Swarovski Spectrum Necklace

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Difficulty: Beginner


Learn how to make this Vintage Swarovski Spectrum Necklace using the free valentines Swarovski Heart gift. ( The free hearts will be added to your order automatically when you spend £15 or more)

If you didn't get the free gift, why not try creating the necklace using your own choice of Swarovski heart beads or any other beads you love!

PLEASE NOTE - as this sterling silver chain is so delicate, you may need a bead reamer to slightly open up the links you wish to attach jumprings to.

Step 1

Join together 17 x 1" chains to make a 17" long chain for the necklace base.
Attach a jumpring to each end of the long chain.

Step 2

Attach each part of the heart toggle clasp to each end of the chain you created. 

Step 3

Approx. 4" into the chain from one side, attach a jumpring.
Repeat this on the other side, 4" into the chain from where the toggle clasp is attached. 

Step 4

Add 7 more jumprings onto the chain inbetween the two you have already put on to the necklace chain. 
These 7 jumprings should be spread equally (about 1") apart so that the hearts will hang evenly.

Step 5

  • To the outer two jumprings, add 1cm of chain, another jumpring and a one of the smallest 10mm hearts to each.

  • To 2nd jumprings inwards, add 1" of chain, a jumpring and the other 10mm hearts.

  • To the 3rd jumprings inwards on the necklace chain, add 1.5" of chain, a jumpring and a medium 14mm heart.

  • To the 4th jumprings inwards, attach 2" of chain, a jumpring and the other medium 14mm hearts.

  • To the final jumpring in the centre of the necklace, attach 3" of chain, your last jumpring and the largest 18" heart.