Vintage Shine Bangle | Swarovski Ceralun |

Vintage Shine Bangle | Swarovski Ceralun

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Vintage Shine Bangle | Swarovski Ceralun

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Vintage Shine Bangle | Swarovski Ceralun

Difficulty: Intermediate


Learn how to make the glamorous crystal embellished bangle using white Swarovski Ceralun clay and a sparkling crystal mix.

Step 1

Please note that due to the shallow depth of this bangle base, it is best to use the smaller crystals in your mix. If you want to use the bigger you will need to create a much thicker layer of Ceralun clay otherwise it will not fully sink into the clay.

Step 2

Mix approximately  half of the Ceralun following the instruction guide until the two parts have completely blended.

Roll the clay into a long sausage shape. You can try to use this whole piece onto the bangle base; however I found it easier to slice the clay in 1 inch piece and work around the bangle bit by bit. Apply pressure to the clay and tap with your finger tip until the clay reaches the edge.

Step 3

Keep adding sections until you have reached the whole way across, working as consistently as possible to create a smooth and even finish. Make sure the clay doesn’t overlap onto the outer edge of the base.  You may want to use a craft knife, your nail or a cocktail stick to go around the edge of your bangle base to gently push or cut away the excess clay.

Step 4

Choose your crystals and press them into the clay until the edge of the crystal is level with the clay. Use a damp cotton bud and gently wipe across the surface to create a shiny finish.

Set aside the finished piece to dry.  After the clay has fully hardened (up to 72 hours) your bangle is ready to wear.