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Vintage Love Brooch

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Vintage Love Brooch

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X Supa Champagne Copper Beading Wire 0.5mm 25metres
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X Brooch (pin) backs 32mm long gold-plated, Pk 5
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Vintage Love Brooch

Designed by: Laura


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Step 1. Cut approx. 30cm of wire (W251) and place the heart (MBJ35) in the centre of it.  Wire wrap both ends  around the brooch back (F1062). You can do this a few times until the heart feels sturdy.


Step 2. Add the 2 or 3 pearls to left and the repeat this on the other side. If you run out of wire simply add a new piece.

Step 3. Add a fimo rose (Fr1) to each side, wrap it and tuck the end of the wires in.

Make sure you can easily open and close the brooch