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'Very Berry' Preciosa Bracelet | MINI MAKE

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'Very Berry' Preciosa Bracelet | MINI MAKE

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Fevi Kwik One Drop Instant Adhesive/Glue 1g Tube
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Stretch Magic Elastic Bead Cord 0.5mm Clear 10m
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'Very Berry' Preciosa Bracelet | MINI MAKE

Designed by: Katrina

Difficulty: Beginner


Make your own simple stretch bracelet using NEW beads from Preciosa!

To make a 6inch bracelet you will need just one pack of the Preciosa round beads, for a larger size you will need two. You should have plenty of the flower spacer beads left over from this project to use in other designs!

Step 1

Working from the spool of elastic, string on your beads alternating between the Preciosa rounds & flower beads until you reach approximately 6 inches.

Step 2

Cut the end of the elastic and tie the end in a knot. An overhand knot is all you need but it helps to place the end through the loop twice to give a tighter knot.

Step 3

Complete the knot by looping over and under once, this should tighten the knot and create a double knot. Pull tight but be sure not to snap the elastic.

Step 4

Trim the ends of the elastic close to the knot and use a dab of Fevi Kwik glue or clear nail varnish on top of the knot, being careful not to get any glue on the beads.