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Venetian Blue Bracelet

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Venetian Blue Bracelet

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Preciosa Size 9 Rocaille Seed Beads Opaque Sky Blue 50g
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Jump rings / surgical steel / 7mm / silver / wire 1.2mm / 20pcs
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CrystaLove™ crystals / glass / bicone / 4mm / milky bright blue / lustered / 110pcs
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CrystaLove™ crystals / glass / bicone / 6mm / azure / transparent / 48pcs
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CrystaLove™ crystals / glass / bicone / 8mm / blue / transparent / 40pcs
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Venetian Blue Bracelet

Difficulty: Beginner


Learn how to make this sweet Venetian Blue Bracelet using Sparkly Bicones and coordinating Seed Beads. There will be enough beads left over from your basket to make several of this quick and easy make too.

Don't forget to share your version in the Friends of Beads Direct Group. We would love to see which colours you chose or how you adapted it to make it your own. Happy Beading! 

Products required:

Bicones in 3 different sizes
Seed Beads
Lobster Claw
Jump Rings

Step 1

Firstly you need to cut off roughly two arms lengths of KO thread and attach a needle to each end of the thread. Now add a jump ring (or magnetic clasp) and move it to the centre of your thread followed by five seed beads to each side of the ring. Add another seed bead to one side so you have five on one side and six on the other, thread your beading needle that has five seed beads on through the last seed bead you added to secure all the beads making a small loop. 

Step 2

Now to each thread add three seed beads and one 4mm Bicone, thread one seed bead over both pieces of thread again to group the beads and attach another 4mm Bicone to each thread creating a lotus flower star shape. 

Step 3

Attach three seed beads to each thread and repeat the previous step. Do this one more time to create three of these small lotus flower shapes in a row. Finish with one more seed bead to each thread. Now continue this pattern using your 6mm Bicones creating three more lotus flowers but slightly larger BUT instead of three seed beads in-between the Bicones only add one seed bead. 

Step 4

Now you should have reached the centre of your bracelet. This is where we change the size again of Bicones to the 8mm.

Add an 8mm Swarovski Bicone to each thread. Add a seed bead to one of the threads and go through it with the other needle as before. Add another 8mm Bicone and a seed bead to each thread and repeat step 3 to drop down a size of Bicone. 

Repeat the pattern in reverse, adding 3 x 6mm followed by 3 x 4mm Bicone lotus flower star shapes.

Step 5

Add 3 seed beads to each thread. Add another seed bead to one side and pass the other needle through it.Putting one needle aside, add 5 seed beads, a jump ring and another 5 seed beads. Pass back through the seed bead that both threads are exiting from, thus forming a loop.
Continue passing through your work, knotting regularly to secure. Repeat with the other needle.

Step 6


  1. Bicones can have sharp edges. It is advisable to pass back through the entirety of the bracelet to ensure stability when using Nylon Threads.
  2. Any size of bicone will work beautifully with this bracelet. try 8mm, 10mm & 12mm for something really bold or 2mm, 3mm & 4mm for a more delicate look.