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Venetian Blue Bracelet

Step 1

Firstly you need to cut off roughly two arms lengths of KO thread and attach a needle to each end of the thread. Now add one half of the magnetic clasp and move it to the centre of your thread followed by five seed beads to each side of the clasp. Add another seed bead to one side so you have five on one side and six on the other, thread your beading needle that has five seed beads on through the last seed bead you added to secure all the beads making a small loop. 

Step 2

Now to each thread add three seed beads and one 4mm Swarovski Bicone, thread one seed bead over both pieces of thread again to group the beads and attach another 4mm Swarovski Bicone to each thread creating a lotus flower star shape. 

Step 3

Attach three seed beads to each thread and repeat the last step, do this one more time after this to create three of these small lotus flower shapes in a row. Finish with one more seed bead to each thread. Now continue this pattern using your 6mm Swarovski Bicones creating three more lotus flowers but slightly larger and instead of three seed beads in between the Swarovski Bicones only use one seed bead. 

Step 4

Now you should have reach the centre of your bracelet, this is where we will change the size again of swarovski Bicones to the 8mm size. Add a 8mm Swarovski Bicone to each thread and a single seed bead using both threads to go through this. Attach another Bicone to each thread and a seed bead to each thread and repeat step 3 to drop down a size of Swarovski Bicone, once you have three of the smaller 6mm size, repeat step 2 again to close the bracelet with the 4mm size of Swarovski Bicone. 

Step 5

Now you should be at the end of your bracelet and will be at the step of attaching the other half of the magnetic clasp, mimic step 1 again to do this but use one thread to go through the clasp loop, and again with the other end of the thread, this will create a cross over of threads looping through the clasp. now make sure your bracelet beads are tight and secure by making small knots after a few beads by threading through some beads then making a knot and repeat again.