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Vampira's Choker

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Difficulty: Intermediate


Learn how to make this Vampira's Choker using Swarovski faceted drop pendants and Toho size 8 round seed beads in frosted cherry. Perfect for Halloween! 

Step 1

Cut a length of ribbon measuring 1cm shorter than the amount needed to wrap comfortably around your neck.
Attach your extension chain and lobster clasp using jumprings to your ribbon end clamps.
Clamp/squash your ribbon ends onto your length of ribbon. 

Step 2

Cut a length of nymo thread and thread on approx 10 seed beads and a droplet pendant at the end. This will be a drop of blood. 
Thread back up through your seed beads.
Repeat this for another droplet using approx 20 seed beads for a longer drop of blood. 

Step 3

Sew your two nymo thread drops of blood to your ribbon on the side you want your vampire bite to sit.
Sew them approx 2cm's apart. Make sure they are secure by sewing them around the base of the ribbon, not on the mesh inside of the ribbon.