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Valentino Bracelet

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Valentino Bracelet

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Valentino Bracelet

Designed by: Laura


What you will need...

1x Purple Leather [TC591]
1x Red Crystal Heart [BU2]
1x Nymo Thread [TC297]
1x Thread Conditioner [TC97]
1x Miyuki Red Square Bead [SB10]

Step 1. Cut a piece of leather that measures approx. 60cm.

Step 2. Thread the button onto the leather so it sits in the middle of the leather, fold the leather and tie an overhand knot under the button. You should have two strands of leather that are equal in length.

Step 3. Cut a piece of nymo thread that is approx. 2 metres in length and thread onto your beading needle.

Step 4. Knot/thread the nymo thread onto the leather under the button so that it is hidden.

Step 5. Bring your thread below the knot and place it in the centre, between the two strands of leather.

Step 6. Wrap the thread over the right strand, under the right strand, over the left strand, under the left. It should be back in the centre. Repeat the sequence a couple of times to get your bracelet started. This same sequence is used when adding the beads.

Step 7. To start adding the beads, wrap the thread over the right, under the right, over the left, under the left then add one bead, over the right, under the right, back through the bead, over the left, under the left then add two beads, over the right, under the right, back through the two beads, over the left, under the left and then add two beads etc.

Continue with this sequence until you have added the desired amount of beads (mine uses a total of 76 beads).

Step 8. Once you have added the one last bead (so the bracelet starts as it finishes) do a couple of wraps of the just the thread (like at start) then knot off the cord.

Step 9. Tie an overhand knot with the leather where the beads end.

Step 10. Leave a gap big enough for the button to fit through, tie an overhand knot, leave the same size gap again and then tie another over hand knot. Trim any excess leather. Use one of the two gaps to secure on your wrist. The two gaps allow the bracelet to be adjusted to a different size.