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Urban Jungle Nile Croc Bracelet

Urban Jungle Nile Croc Bracelet

Urban Jungle Nile Croc Bracelet

Thank you for viewing our archived gallery design. This design is in the gallery archive because we no longer stock some of the main items used to make this design and we don’t currently have suitable alternatives. However we didn’t want to remove the design completely as we thought it might inspire you. If you’d like to buy all the items needed to create a project please visit our main design gallery and browse our current designs.

Step 1

Create a 12 warp kumihimo braid using the evergreen rattail mix. To do this, start by cutting each of the 4 rattail strands in the mix into 3, creating your 12 strands. Now tie all 12 strands together at one end

Step 2

Set up your board as above. The pattern should start from the top and work clockwise around the board starting with mint, apple green, dark green then emerald green. Repeat this pattern another 2 times working clockwise until all your strands are in place.

Step 3

Wind each strand into a no tangle bobbin. If you only have 8 bobbins, leave the strands either side of 16 and 32 loose, but be careful not to let them get tangled as you start to braid

Step 4

Now move your cords as follows, the numbers are always on the left of the slot: 25 to 5, 7 to 23, 22 to 8, 10 to 20, 16 to 30, 32 to 14 and continue working around the board following this pattern.

Step 5

When your braid measures approx. 15-16cm, finish your braid, tie and remove from the braiding board

Step 6

Whip the ends and cut off any excess rattail. Use fevi kwik to glue each end into the crocodile clasp

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