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Urban Jungle Bengal Tiger Bracelet

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What you will need...
1x Tiger Clasp [F955]
1x Orange Suede Cord [TC604]
1x Black Suede Cord [TC443]
1x Black Braided Leather [TC424]
1x Fevi Kwik [W311]

Step 1. Tie cords together tightly

Step 2. Lay on the cords on a table and place leather on top

Step 3. Take the black suede go over the left piece leather then under the right piece leather.

Step 4. Take the orange and go over the right piece of leather and suede and under the left piece

Step 5. Continue with this figure of 8 weave.

Step 6. Keep going till the right length of leather is covered for your wrist size.

Step 7. When you have reached the end trim and pull the suede through the middle

Step 8. Glue end into the clasp

Figure of 8 weaveFigure of 8 weave

Figure of 8 weaveFigure of 8 weaveFigure of 8 weaveFigure of 8 weaveFigure of 8 weaveFigure of 8 weave bracelet