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Under the Sea Necklace

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Under the Sea Necklace

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5328 Swarovski Crystal Bicones 3mm Crystal Silver Night Pk24
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Silver Plated Copper Wire 0.8mm 6metre Coil Non Tarnish
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'Ocean Calm' Seed Bead Mix Assorted Sizes/Shapes 10g
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Titanium Plated Charm Carrier 5mm Pk1
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Under the Sea Necklace

Difficulty: Intermediate


Learn how to make this Under The Sea Necklace

Step 1

Make a hoop with a wire wrap loop on top .


Step 2

Cut 8 wires much bigger than the wire frame which is about 3cm , so the wires have to be about 5cm long . Then twist all of the 8 wires together but leaving a small fan shape at the bottom and a bigger fan at the top.


Step 3

Wrap the small fan at the bottom of the frame . Than spread the big wire out 4 on each side of the frame it should look like a tree .


Step 4

Using bugle seed beads and seed beads , put one bugle , one seed bead and then another on all of the eight wires and wrap them on the frame .


Step 5

Shape it to look like a lobster .


Step 6

Trim all the wires around the frame .


Step 7

Cut some wire and thread some blue , white seed beads and wrap the seed beads round the bottom of the frame .

Step 8

Next wire wrap the trunk of the frame and the hoop at the with pearls and crystal.


Step 9

Take about 18 inchs of tigertall and fix a clasp on to one end .


Step 10

Put seed beads and a bugle in your desired pattern.


Step 11

Then the pearls and then the seed beads pattern again .


Step 12

Work the pearl ,seed beads, crystals in a alternating pattern with the pearls getting larger to the middle . Put a jump ring and bail on lobster pendant loop , thread on to the middle of the necklace . Copy the pattern them the otherside of the necklace , fix the other part of the clasp on . Now the necklace is made .