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Under the Sea Tiara

Information about project:

Under the Sea Tiara

Designed by: Katie Brennan

Difficulty: Beginner


Make this cute little tiara for your little princess. These coral and blue tones are on trend this season.

Step 1

First use a seed bead as a stopper and loop round it a few times to secure it in place then loop around the hair comb at one end a few times to secure. Then use 3 blue or turquoise seed beads on each side and cross over between the teeth of the comb. Work your way up in one colour and come back down in the other.

Step 2

At one side go though Ivory bead so that it points inwards. Then wrap around the teeth to get to the 3rd tooth along and go though a 4mm Swarovski Bicone and a transparent seed bead and do a loop around the seed bead and back though the bicone and along to the next tooth. This should make it stand up.

Repeat this with more bicones and eventually the pearl. Finish the other side with an Ivory bead to look symmetrical.

Step 3

Keeping everything tight tie off the thread to finish. 

For extra support you can thread some jewellery wire though the standing beads to make them straighter.