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Under the Sea Coral Earrings

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Under the Sea Coral Earrings

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Toho Size 15 Round Seed Beads Rainbow Light Topaz Sea Foam Lined 10g
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KO Beading Thread Blue 50m
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X Sterling Silver Flattened Earwires with Coil 1xPair
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Toho Size 15 Round Seed Beads Transparent-Lustered Teal 10g
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Under the Sea Coral Earrings

Designed by: Kara-May

Difficulty: Beginner


Learn how to create these gorgeous earrings that resemble under the water sea coral - very on-trend for 2019.

Step 1

Firstly cut off roughly 60 cm of KO thread, now using a size 10 beading needle start by threading a stopper bead on and then further up the thread add a blue seed bead followed by roughly 5-6 green seed beads, loop over the top of one and back through the one underneath keeping the beads tight, add three seed beads and a blue bead and secure by looping back over the blue seed bead and moving back through the other three seed beads until you are back to the top, now add a seed bead and loop back through repeating what you have just done. This all needs to be repeated up adding a few beads up the centre at a time creating a leaf vein pattern that is about an inch long. Leave a tail thread as you will need this later. Secure both the top and bottom before you finish.

Step 2

Repeat the last step word for word again until you have three of the leaf vein shapes. The tail threads at the top you need to add a needle to and secure around an ear wire. Now repeat both steps for a second earring.