Twisted Leaf Pendant Necklace |

Twisted Leaf Pendant Necklace

Step 1

Using a rose gold plated leaf, thread 3 long strands of rose gold wire through the top and the bottom holes to make a vein.

Step 2

Split the wires individually, thread rainbow orange and grass green beads and then randomly wrap the wire through the loops to create more veins.  Using pliers tweak the wires to make them uneven.  When finished each wire wrap around the same hole a number of times to secure.

Step 3

For the bracelet, thread 9 beads onto rose gold ball headpins and, using round nose pliers, created a loop and wrapped the wire around a few times then snipped.

Step 4

I started off using all green beads then to subsequent headpins  I added one extra orange bead until the last one was all orange - thus showing the changing into autumn.  I measured 7.5” of the rose gold 3mm ball chain and, equally spacing them apart, attached the beaded headpins using rose gold 4mm jump rings. The clasp was added to finish it off.  A jump ring was used to attach the pendant to the remainder of the chain.