Twilight Forest Bangles

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Designed by: Vicki

Difficulty: Beginner


Learn how to make these Twilight Forest Bangles using a pretty tree of life charm and stunning Swarovski fallback crystals.

Step 1

Gunmetal bangle:
Glue a crystal flat back into two charm holders.
Connect them together using a gunmetal jumpring.
Connect these charms to one hole on each of your bangle bases. 
Attach a jumpring to each spare hole and connect your lobster clasp.
Thread your tassel charm onto a jumpring and attach to the jumpring below the lobster clasp. 

Step 2

Gold bangle:
Add a jumpring on to each threading hole on your two bangle halves. 
Attach them together with your tree connector charm and add a lobster clasp to the other side of the bangle.