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Turquoise Surf

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Turquoise Surf

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Turquoise Surf

Designed by: Laura


What you will need,

1x Turquoise Suede Cord [TC446] 
1x White Suede Cord [TC441] 
1x Sand Dunes Beach Bead [BB6] 
1x Sea Urchin Beach Bead [BB7] 
1x Lizard Beach Bead [BB9]
1x Blue Wave Beach Bead [BB1] 
Step 1. Fold the white cord (TC441) in half and tie a knot to create a loop.
Step 2. Tie on the turquoise cord (TC446) making sure that both lengths are even.
Step 3. Do 4 complete macramé knots.
Step 4. Thread on the first bead (BB6).
Step 5. Do 3 complete knots.
Step 6. Thread on the next bead (BB7) and do 3 complete knots.
Step 7. Repeat step 6 and add another bead (BB9).
Step 8. Thread on the last bead (BB1).
Step 9. Repeat step 3.
Step 10 .Double knot the turquoise cord.
Step 11. Trim the white ends to length and tie a knot at the end of each.

And you are ready to wear your bracelet...