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Turquoise Shellballa Bracelet

Information about this project

Difficulty: Beginner


This design is from our inspirations archive. As this design was created some time ago we sadly no longer stock all the products to create our design, but can still be useful for inspiration.

Learn how to make this simply gorgeous Turquoise Shellballa Bracelet by following the step by step tutorial.


Step 1

 Cut a long piece of elastic (long enough to go around your wrist twice). This is so you have plenty to play with.

Step 2

Then thread on a 10mm Shamballa Fashion bead (MB257) with 5 shell chip beads (you may want to add more or less).

Step 3

Add an 8mm Shamballa Fashion bead (MB343).

Step 4

Start stringing the shell chip beads on to the elastic. Whilst doing so, keep checking to see if it fits around your wrist. When you are almost happy with the length add an 8mm Shamballa Fashion bead (MB343). Then add another 5 shell chip beads.

Step 5

Double knot the elastic and gently pull it through the larger Shamballa Fashion bead so that the knot is hidden.