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Turquoise River Bracelet

Step 1

Cut a double arm span of thread and thread a needle on both ends. Thread on a lobster clasp to the centre.

Step 2

Thread on four seed beads on each side. Now pass both needles through one fire polished bead. Repeat this pattern until you have reached approx. length. We suggest creating a length of 5.5-6 inches of beads depending on your wrist size. The extension chain will add an extra 2 inches to your length. 

Step 3

Attach four beads on one side, go through the top loop of the chain and through another four seed beads. Then pass the needle back through the fire polished bead and into the beadwork. With the other thread, pass it through the beaded loop you just made at the end and bring the needle back through the beadwork on the other side.

Step 4

Continue to weave both threads into the design to reinforce it. Create a couple of knots as you go. When you are happy that your design is secure, hide the thread in the beads before you trim away the excess thread on both sides.

Step 5

Insert a fire polished bead onto a sterling silver head pin. Create a wrapped loop as shown in the video below. Then attach it to a jumpring and connect it to the end of the chain, removing the drop.