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Turquoise Peyote Earrings

Step 1

Begin by making a Peyote ring; Pick up 28 size 11 turquoise seed bead and sew them into a ring. Pick up one size 11 dark blue seed bead, skip a bead on the ring and sew through the next. Repeat until you have one more bead to add. Each bead you skip is a bead in row 1.

Step 2

Pick up a turqouise size 11 seed bead and skip a bead on the ring, sew through the next bead and the first bead added in this row. This ‘step up’ gets you to the right place to begin the next row, you’ll need to do this after each row.

Step 3

Do one more row of turquoise so that your dark blue seed beeds are surrounded by turquoise ones. Then for the final row go though the Swarovski 3mm Crystal Iridescent Blue Pearls but this time skip 3 beads. This will create a back for your big Swarovski crystal to sit against.

Step 4

Sew on the 3mm bead and a dark blue seed bead and the drop charm. Tie off all your thread and cut.

Step 5

Find the top most bead and put a jump ring though then go through an earring finding to finish.

Repeat for a second earring.