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Tropical Dream Set

Information about project:

Tropical Dream Set

Difficulty: Beginner


Learn how to make this sublime Tropical Dream jewellery set.

"When I saw the theme ‘Under the Sea’ I had so many ideas come into my head and when I saw the beads I knew they were perfect. I decided on mixing blues and whites to create the impression of the clear seas of somewhere hot and sunny!" - Zoe.


Step 1

To make the necklace follow the below steps:
1.Lay out your beads in any chosen pattern on a bead board or mat (whichever you prefer), if you’re a perfectionist like me you will make it symmetrical!
2.Cut a length of beading thread to fit all of your beads.
3.Add a crimp and wire guardian to one end of the wire, remembering to add one end of the clasp, and close. Once secure add a crimp cover.
4.Start to add the beads in the order you formed from your bead board.
5.Once all beads have been added secure the other end with a crimp, wire guardian and the other end of the claps and close. Once secure add another crimp cover.
6.You should now have the final necklace. To add the heart pendant open a jump ring. Put the jump ring through the heart pendant and onto the completed necklace in the centre.
7.Cut the length of ribbon in half and tie this to necklace to cover the jump ring creating a bow.
8.Congratulations, you have now completed your necklace – enjoy!

Step 2

To make the bracelet follow the below steps – please note, you can make however many bracelets you would like for this design.
1.Decided on which beads you want to use to form this multi-strand bracelet.
2.Once decided thread the beads onto a length of elastic to your chosen length.
3.When all beads have been threaded tie off the ends. Snip off any excess elastic. Don’t worry if it isn’t completely neat as the ribbon will cover this.
4.Repeat step 2 and 3 until you have the chosen amount of bracelets.
5.Once you have your chosen amount of bracelets use the remainder of the ribbon to tie them altogether. Knot and create a bow.
6.Now you can wear your bracelet with the necklace or alone and long for the sunny summer days by the beach.