Tropical Beach Charm Bracelet |

Tropical Beach Charm Bracelet

Information about project:

Tropical Beach Charm Bracelet

Designed by: Katrina

Difficulty: Beginner


Make a pretty charm bracelet for summer using Swarovski crystal bicones and sterling silver charms!

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Please note - the original dolphin charm in this design is now out of stock due to high demand.

Step 1

Insert a headpin through a Swarovski crystal bicone and bend and trim the eyepin to make a loop. Repeat this step for as many beads as you would like to use on your bracelet design.

Step 2

Connect the Swarovski beads to the chain using a jumpring through the loops. Spread them evenly along the chain.

Step 3

Decide where you would like your charms to sit and connect them to the chain with jumprings. 

Step 4

Glue the Swarovski crystal into the setting then glue in the crystal and allow to dry.