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Tree of Life Bracelet | Mini-Make Monday

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Difficulty: Beginner


Create your own delicate sterling silver bracelet for Autumn!

Step 1

Open two of your sterling silver jumprings and attach them to either side of your Tree of Life connector.

Step 2

Cut two lengths of your hemp cord - approx. 30cm each.

Step 3

Thread your cords through each jumpring and fold them equally in half. Trim your cords to fit your wrist size.

Step 4

It’s now time to attach your clasp. Add a small drop of glue into the end of your clasp and onto the hemp cord.

Step 5

Slot your hemp cord into either end of the end your clasp – do this one end at a time. This step can be tricky, so be careful but be aware that the glue will dry quickly.

Step 6

Your bracelet is now ready to wear!