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Treasured 'Keepsake' Locket

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Treasured 'Keepsake' Locket

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Griffin Perlseide 2 Bead Cord Stan White 0.45mm with Needle 2m
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X-Flower, Mom, Footprint, Clear Crystal Small Floating Locket Charms Pk4
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Treasured 'Keepsake' Locket

Difficulty: Intermediate


Learn how to make this Treasured 'Keepsake' Locket Necklace' using Floating Charms and Crystal Glass Beads.

Step 1

Use a bead reamer to enlarge the holes of 3 pearls. Thread these 3 pearls on to the silk thread with a crystal bead between each.

Step 2

Keeping the beads towards the end of the thread, place the needle under the bar on the end cap and through the hole. Go back through the hole and your thread should be either side of the bar.

Step 3

Bring the bead cap close to the pearl. Go back through the first pearl and tie the ends to create a knot.

Step 4

Go through each bead, knotting after each one.

Step 5

After the last bead, thread on the rest of the pearls and crystals to make your necklace.

Step 6

Use the Beadalon knotter tool to knot between each one.

Helpful video -   How to make a Fresh Water Pearl Necklace.

Step 7

Ream 3 more pearls and add with a crystal between each. Attach the end cap as before and then thread back up through each of these 3 pearls, knotting between each.