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Topaz Tones Jewellery

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Topaz Tones Jewellery

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Gold Plated Ring Base Holds 8mm(SS39) Rivoli Pk1
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Topaz Tones Jewellery

Designed by: Katrina

Difficulty: Beginner


Make a matching ring and bracelet using materials from the Pre-Black Friday Clearance!

Step 1

Apply a drop of glue into the ring base, set your crystal into place and allow to dry. Push a gold eyepin through the tube and turn a loop at the end. Connect the bar to both parts of the bracelet with a jumpring on either side.

Step 2

Open a jumpring and link the charm to the centre bar. Connect a jumpring to each end of the bracelet and on one of them attach the lobster clasp. Glue the crystal into the setting and allow to dry.