'To the Moon and Back' Necklace

Step 1

Cut a length of chain measuring approx 10". At the centre of this, attach your sterling silver arrow charm using a jumpring. 

Step 2

Attach a jumpring to either end of this length of chain. 
Add a star charm to each of these jumprings. 

Step 3

Attach a 5" chain to each of these jumprings. 

Step 4

Take your final 10" length of chain and attach a jumpring to either end. Add a lobster clasp to one of these. 
Find the halfway point of this chain and attach your sterling silver rivoli charm setting. Glue in your rivoli crystal. 

Step 5

Position your chain with your Swarovski crystal so it hangs between the longer chain with your arrow charm. 
Connect your chains together using the jumprings you attached earlier to your 5" chains.