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Titania's Crown

Titania's Crown

Titania's Crown

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Toho Size 11 Round Seed Beads Higher Metallic ...


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Toho Size 11 Round Seed Beads Gold Luster Amet...


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Toho Size 11 Round Seed Beads Higher Metallic ...


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Mixed Multi-colour Lucite Flower Beads Small P...


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Fireline Thread 6lb Size D 0.006in Crystal Cle...


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Step 1

Thread an arms span length of fireline and start adding the green size 11 seed beads. I used a spin-a-bead (W133) to speed things up. Every 20 beads or so, add a picot leaf. Continue until the strand measures approximately 1 metre long.

Step 2

To make a picot leaf

1 - Add X amount of beads

2 - Skip the last bead added and go back through the second to last bead added

3 - Add an equal amount of beads on the other side and pass back through the first one or two beads added

Step 3

Cut 2 1metre lengths of suede cord and knot the 2 pieces plus the bead strand together. Secure the knotted end in a clamp or under a heavy book. Plait the 3 lengths together and secure the end with a knot. Measure around your head and sew together where the pieces meet, leaving a tail to hang at the back.

Step 4

Making the flowers. To make the big flower at the front, sew a row of  circular brick stitch around a glass pearl using size 11 seed beads. Make sure you add an even number of beads. (I used 12 seed beads around a 6mm pearl). Coming out of one of the centre seed beads, add 11 more seed beads and let them drop down. Skipping the last bead added, go back through the second to last bead. Add 9 more beads and go down through the bead next to the one you originally came out of. Come up through the next bead and continue making the next petal. When you get back round to the first petal, go up 2 beads on one side and add a 6 mm Swarovski flower (AC90). Stitch back down towards the centre and back up into the next petal along. Repeat until all petals have a crystal. To make the smaller flowers, Stitch 5 brick stitch diamonds, 5 beads across and 6 rows high.
Stitch together to form the flower and add 4 mm pearls in the centre.
Make as many flowers as you would like for the head band.

Step 5

Assembling the head band. Attach a length of fireline to the join at the back of the headband. Arrange how you would like your flowers to be placed, and sewing through the green seed beads, start adding the flowers. Add 4 mm pearl clusters between the flowers by coming out of the green base beads and adding 3 or 4 pearls, go back into the base and sew down to secure. You can also add clusters of acrylic flower beads with Swarovski flower centres to add extra sparkle!

Step 6

Adding the Swarovski butterflies and flowers. Attach a new piece of thread. Working on the top of your braided headband only, pass through the green beads until they are about to go under the braid, come out of the green bead and pick up 3 purple seed beads. Staying on top, sew back into the green beads where they come out from underneath. (See picture for more detail).

Step 7

Continue this all the way around the headband, randomly adding butterflies or flowers instead of the purple seed beads. Add a beaded fringe to the tail and you're finished!

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