Titania Silver Flower Earrings

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What you will need...

1x Pack Titanium Plated Ear Hook [F992]
1x Pack Silver Plated Jumpring 4mm [F1085]
1x Pack Cubic Zirconia Crystal [BG622]
2x Silver Plated Iron Grid [CR294]
2x Pack Silver Plated Filigree Flower Charm [CR300]
1x Glue Hypo Cement [W139]

The Flower Titania Earrings depict a cluster of flowers in bloom. The pretty metallic flowers will swing and move as you wear these beautiful earrings. The bottom flower will graze your shoulders as this showpiece design is both bold and delicate. Feel floral when you Take a Make Break.


STEP 1: Open a jump ring. Thread on a flower charm placing the ring through a hole on the middle row (NOT the petals or the centre hole). Attach to the bottom hole on the earring base and close the jump ring.

STEP 2: Repeat step 1, adding a flower charm to each hole on the earring base. There are 25 in total, and we found starting at the bottom and working upwards worked best.  You will need to make sure each jump ring is threaded through in the same way to make the flower charms lie properly.

STEP 3: Add a small dab of glue to each indent in the earwire. Use tweezers to place a cubic zirconia stone into each indent, then leave to dry. Hook the earwire on to the top loop of the earring base.

STEP 4: Repeat steps 1-3 to create your second earring.