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Tiger Eye Chain Bracelet

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Tiger Eye Chain Bracelet

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Rose Gold Plated Brass Jump Rings 6.5mm 1mm gauge Pk100
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Rose Gold Plated Zamak 5 Strand Fancy Clasp 39mm 1xPair
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Tiger Eye Chain Bracelet

Difficulty: Intermediate


Learn how to make this Tiger Eye Chain Bracelet using a Rose Gold Plated 5 Strand Fancy Clasp, Tiger Eye Semi Precious Beads and a Crystal Rose Swarovski Crystal Chaton.

Step 1

Measure out 2 chains each measuring around 14cm's / 5.5". 
Attach these two chains using jumprings to the 2nd and 4th hoops on the Rose Gold Plated 5 Strand Fancy Clasp.
Attach a jumpring to each of the hoops on the outside of the 5 Strand Clasp, and secure on the two parts of the toggle clasp.  

Step 2

To create the other 3 strands you will need ; 

- 21 x tiger eye beads (7 on each) 
- 21 x eyepins to be threaded through each bead and looped. 
- 6 jumprings to attach the chains to the 1st, 3rd and 5th clasp hoops. 
- Some more chain to take appart into single loops. 

Step 3

Thread each bead onto its own eyepin and loop the end close to the bead. (Trim the eyepin or use a 1 step looper)
Repeat this for all 21 beads.

Link together 7 of the beads with eyepins using single links taken from the rose gold chain. 
(You could use rose gold jumprings if you want to save time)

Step 4

Link each of the strands of tiger eye beads and chain to the 5 strand clasp using jumprings.

To finish, glue your Swarovski Crystal Chaton into the setting in the toggle clasp hoop, leave to dry.