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Tangerine Tango Kumihimo Necklace

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Tangerine Tango Kumihimo Necklace

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Tangerine Tango Kumihimo Necklace


How to make an 8 warp Kumihimo braid with added beads:

You will need a braiding board with notches to place your thread. Each cord placed into a single notch on the board is known as a ‘warp’.

Step 1:

Take a 5m length of red rattail and cut in half. Fold each thread in half again to create 4 ends. Repeat with another pack, to create another 2.5m length to fold in half. Leave 2.5m to one side. Cut 2 lengths of 3m of gold thread and knot all the thread together so you have 8 ends.

Step 2:

Place the knot through the hole in the centre of the braiding board. Spread the cords, placing a ‘warp’ either side of each dot on the board. Make sure the 2 gold threads sit opposite each other. If one is to the right of a dot, the other should be to the left of the opposite dot.

Step 3:

Turn the braiding board over and thread approx. 200 seed beads on to each gold cord, then wrap each cord into its own no-tangle bobbin. You may want to add a weight to the knot to help your braid pull downwards as you work.

Step 4:

You should have a warp either side of dot 32. Rotate the board so you are holding this dot at the top. Take the warp from the notch to the left of dot 16 (at the bottom) and move it straight upwards to the notch to the left of the two warps at the top. You will now have 3 warps at the top and one at the bottom.

Step 5:

Now take the warp furthest right at the top and bring it down to the right of the remaining bottom warp.

Step 6:

Turn the braiding board 90 degrees counter-clockwise and repeat the same process, moving the bottom left warp to the top left, and the top right warp to the bottom right. When you get to your beaded gold thread, bring one see bead up the thread and post it under the cord that crosses the warp you are working with. Move your warp to the next notch, following the process as before.  Repeat until you get to the end of your cords.

Step 7:

Remove cords from the notches and knot together so the braid doesn’t unravel. Now whip the ends to secure. Wrap the nymo thread tightly around the braid just below the knot, and sew through the braid a couple of times to make sure it is securely fastened. When you are happy that you have secured the braid; take some sharp scissors and cut off the knot close to the whip.

To make the necklace:

  1. 1.       Create an 8 warp braid with added beads as per instructions above. When the ends are secure, start to coil the braid. Use a needle and nymo thread to stitch the coil in place.
  2. 2.       Continue to coil, creating the rose shape by bringing each layer slightly on top of the previous one.
  3. 3.       Create an 8 warp braid with using your remaining red rattail to create 4 warps and gold thread to create the other 4. Don’t add any beads to this braid.
  4. 4.       Once you have secured the ends, coil this braid inside your rose to create a second layer. Stitch it in using the nymo thread as before.
  5. 5.       Use gold thread only to create a small braid and add beads to 2 warps. Secure the ends and coil this into the very centre of the rose.
  6. 6.       Take a piece of red satin ribbon and a piece of black ribbon. Measure the length of your choker so it fits snugly around the neck, allowing for the addition of a clasp. Lie one ribbon on top of the other so they overlap slightly.
  7. 7.       Add some glue to the end of the ribbon and fold about 2mm over, then add a cord end and close with pliers. Repeat for the other side of the ribbon.
  8. 8.       Add a toggle clasp using jump rings. Try on your ribbon choker and position the rose slightly off-centre.
  9. 9.       Use the nymo and needle to sew the rose on to the choker. As the rose is quite heavy, you may need to use the thickness of the ribbon by sewing both at the top and bottom, and at the sides of the rose. This will stop the rose from drooping too much when wearing.

Tip: If chokers aren’t your thing, why not make the rose and stitch on a brooch pin? It would make an ideal brooch on its own, or you could add beaded dangles.