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Sweet Shop Delight

Step 1

String on enough 14mm beads to fill 21 inches of wire.

String on enough 10mm beads to fill 18 inches of wire.

String on enough 6mm beads to fill 17 inches of wire.

Step 2

For each end of wire, thread it through a calotte and a crimp bead. Pass the wire back through the calotte. Squash the crimp bead flat and cover it with the calotte. Trim the wire end leaving a 2 inch tail and pass the tail through the beads of the necklace.

Step 3

Attach each strand of wire to a pair of multi strand ends graduating from the biggest at the bottom to the smallest on top.

Step 4

Connect a jump ring to each end of multi-strand finding and connect one jump ring to a lobster clasp.