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Learn how to make this Sherbert Necklace from the Sweet Shop Collection using Crystal Glass Beads and a Druzy Agate Bead.

Step 1

Wire wrap the Druzy using the technique in the video below. Use the 0.9mm wire for the wire casing and the 0.31mm wire to bind the 3 pieces together. Only bind the top piece of wire in one place and use the remainder to make the spirals across the body of the Druzy.

Step 2

Once your pendant is wrapped, cut a piece of Beadalon wire approx. 20" long. Attach a necklace end and then thread on your crystal glass beads with a seed bead between each. When you have used one pack of crystal glass beads, add the pendant. Use the second pack of crystal glass beads for the other side and finish with a necklace end. Attach a clasp and jump ring to complete your necklace.