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Sweet Raspberry Set

Information about project:

Sweet Raspberry Set

Difficulty: Beginner


Learn how to make this Sweet Raspberry Collection using stunning Swarovski flat backs and new silver plated charm settings!

Step 1


Cut three lengths of chain, 2 measuring 6 links and 1 measuring 7 links.
Attach a charm setting to each length using a jumpring.
Glue in a pink flatback and a rose gold flat back to each charm setting.
Attach these three chains to the loop on your choker base using 3 jumprings. 

Step 2


Cut two lengths of chain measuring approx. 12 links.
Attach a lobster clasp to one of these using a jumpring.
Cut one link of chain and position it in the middle of two connector charms using jumprings.
Attach a jumpring to each of the free loops on the connector charms.
Attach a charm setting to the chain link between the connectors using a jumpring.
Glue a rose gold and pink flat back into each of the settings.
Connect this to your two lengths of chain to complete your bracelet.