Swarovski Stack Rings

Information about this project


You will need:
1x Ring Kit    [Silver Colour ST1059]
                        [Bronze Colour ST1060]
                        [Antique Gold ST1061]
1x Swarovski Rivoli [AC986- AC995]
1x Glue [W139] 

Step 1. Decide how long you want your tubing to be and cut to size
Step 2. Push your tube on to the component- no need for glue as it is such a snug fit.
Step 3. Glue your Swarovski Rivoli to the metal component and leave to dry for a day. 

Why not Take a Make Break with us by watching our video tutorial on how to make these gorgeous stack rings.

What’s great about this piece of jewellery is that you can swap the colour of your tubing at anytime to fit your outfit!
To make a ring you will only need 3 items.