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Swarovski Spike Necklace

Swarovski Spike Necklace

Swarovski Spike Necklace

Thank you for viewing our archived gallery design. This design is in the gallery archive because we no longer stock some of the main items used to make this design and we don’t currently have suitable alternatives. However we didn’t want to remove the design completely as we thought it might inspire you. If you’d like to buy all the items needed to create a project please visit our main design gallery and browse our current designs.

Step 1

Cut your 16" chain in half

Step 2

Using your first eyepin thread on a Swarovski column bead followed by a Swarovski round faceted bead.

(It will be easier to create the fan effect if you make both rows at the same time).

Step 3

Using your second eyepin thread on a round faceted bead, then thread through the column bead which is already attached to the first headpin followed by a spike bead.

Step 4

On the first eyepin add another column bead, another round faceted bead and a final column bead.

Step 5

Go back to the second eyepin and thread it through the attached column bead, add a spike bead and thread through the other attached column bead and finally add the last faceted round bead.

Step 6

Using round nose pliers create a loop on both eyepins as closely as possible to the last column bead. Your centre piece should now look like a fan.

Step 7

Attach a jumpring and the chain to each end of the first eyepin

Step 8

Finish off your piece by attaching jumprings to the end of the necklace along with the toggle clasp.

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