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Silver Night Skull Earrings made with Swarovski

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Difficulty: Beginner


Follow the tutorial to create these punk rock style crystal skull earrings, which are very impressive and striking. This design uses the Crystal Skull which is a popular piece from the SWAROVSKI ® ELEMENTS Innovations Spring / Summer 2015 collection.

Step 1

Place an eyepin through the bottom to top of the skull and using a looper or pliers loop the other end.

Step 2

You will need to trim the extension chains for the main part of the earrings.

Leave one chain full.
Then cut 2 links off another chain.
Then cut 4 links off another chain.
Then cut 6 links off another chain.

Then cut 8 links off another chain.
Then cut 10 links off another chain.

Step 3

Attach 1 of each length of chain you cut, starting with the longest one first, to the loop at the base of the skull.

Step 4

Attach the earwire hook to the top loop.

Step 5

Repeat all 4 steps to make the other earring.