Swarovski Silver Becharmed Bracelet

Information about this project

Difficulty: Beginner


Really easy to make and beautiful looking Becharmed bracelet, using Swarovski Elements Becharmed beads.

You may want to substitute your silver mesh chain and findings for the Swarovski rhodium BeCharmed bracelet with clasp SW68 or SW69, so you can continually change your beads.

Step 1

Glue one cord end to the end of the mesh chain. Place the glue in the cord end cap and place mesh into the hole.

Please Note: Once cord ends are on, no beads can be added or taken off, so make sure your happy with your order of your beads.

Step 2

Place on your Swarovski Becharmed beads.

Step 3

Measure the length around your wrist and trim mesh (take into account the lobster clasp and cord end may add on a little extra)

Step 4

Glue the other cord end onto the mesh, making sure all beads are on the chain.

Step 5

Attach the lobster clasp to the cord ends with jumprings.